Saturday, January 31, 2015

How I gained a testimony that the Godhead was real and answers prayer of a silly, irresponsible school girl.

            As a young child in elementary school I had the basic lessons of a Primary child in the 50’s. I lived in a part member family and Primary and Sunday School were my only exposure to the gospel.   My older sister was in college.  She had beautiful clothes and beautiful jewelry.  I envied her jewelry. I begged her to let me wear one particular necklace to school one day.  She didn't relent at first but I kept trying and finally she made me promise to be very careful with her necklace.  She also promised me with great bodily harm (as siblings do) if I lost her prized piece. 
Taking a seat in the classroom after recess I reached up to touch my sister’s necklace and it was not there.  I begged my teacher to let me go out to the playground and look for it.  At the playground edge I looked out at where I had spent my time so I could use my time looking more effectively.  I had been chased by boys all over the grassy area (the size of a football field it seemed), I had played tether ball on the blacktop, etc.  I started to cry when I realized I would never be able to find my sister’s beautiful necklace.  I was prompted to pray.  I stood on the school patio and bowed my head and fervently prayed a silly child’s prayer crying all the while.  As I finished my prayer I opened my eyes while still looking at the ground and what was between my two feet? The necklace. 

                Since that day my testimony has never wavered.  I have contemplated that miracle (tender mercy) over and over.   I know our Heavenly Father is closer to us than we know.  He is watching and he is waiting for our prayers.  I testify revelation and inspiration will come to those who ask in humility. Even a 10 year old girl.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 15, 2015